Communities of Practice (AE1C)

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This CoP relationship graphic is an attempt to show where i’m placed currently in my role as specialist technical tutor for graphic design pathways based at CCW (Chelsea-Millbank) and how this fits into my other roles some of which i’m still developing. I started as a freelance graphic designer back in the 90’s and quickly gravitated towards moving image and digital scenography and then did an MA at St Martins as a mature student while starting a theatre company with my still partner Judy Gordon. Once at UAL I never left and on a fractional basis for several years I worked as either an AL(VT in old money), tutor or technician for LCF and later Chelsea.

These days my role has expanded to be full-time and covering BA and MA pathways plus a research strand which I am keen to keep to growing along with a gradual crossover into more academic teaching. In the teaching of design I cover many bases so the usual Adobe software plus font creation, editing, compositing, motion graphics still and moving image shoots lighting, theory, print etc etc. This means I need to keep my skills updated and stay on top of industry thinking and process. We run our studios along with a high amount of live industry projects as a simulation of an actual design studio. Most of the 2nd year BA projects an all the 3rd year are live and client based with real industry outcomes. This gives us very employability stats and gets the students ready for work life. We also enter international competitions and run blogs on various areas to keep the process open and to keep the community of practice aspect going. for example here are just a couple.. Brighter Chelsea (BA GDC Blog), GDC Show (exhibition design blog) and the students own blogs and sites..

I also keep an arts practice and keep my freelance work going when possible. My biggest issue to date is how to carry on this natural expansion of my role within an educational framework that in my case hasn’t yet allowed for a junior to take on my more regular teaching tasks.